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About Us


Archive Digital Advantage, originally known as Archive Xpress, began as an education program, teaching valuable job skills and providing hands-on vocational training in a real work environment to people with barriers to employment.  Now we are a full-time enterprise of DKA and we work with our customers to realize the full potential of their records through our data transformation services.

Even as the business grows and expands, we still provide work training and job development in conjunction with DKA, providing trainees with valuable experience in a real employment setting, and delivering professional results to our customers.  Our multi-step quality control and quality assurance procedures ensure that trainees are instilled with a strong work ethic and attention to detail, and that every page is perfect.

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Our parent company, DKA, has been serving the Tucson community for over 30 years, providing employment services, job training, and job development, as well as case management and counseling.  For more information, please visit our website.

Pak Mail, our sister company, provides mailing services, custom packing and crating as well as freight shipping to customers across the Tucson area.  For more information, including mailbox prices as well as shipping and crating estimates please visit the PakMail website.


Our Production Team


General Manager


A professional through and through, Shelley has extensive experience in scanning and media conversion, and will work with customers to provide outstanding service tailored to your specific needs.


Multimedia Specialist


Whatever your multimedia needs, David can help you realize them.  Photographic restoration, audio cleanup, and video editing are just a few of the specialty skills at his disposal, and he’s always learning more.


Job Coach

Archive Digital Advantage welcomes its newest dependable job coach. Anna strives to make sure that any project she takes on is finished with the utmost quality.


Production Manager

Sarah has years of experience providing job coaching and work training services to Tucsonans with barriers to employment.  Her outstanding attitude and attention to detail leads to incredible results.

Our Advantage

Quality    |     Security    |     Trust

Your media is important, unique and valuable.  Which is why we’re dedicated to capturing every detail using high-quality equipment and why we employ a rigorous two-step quality control procedure when digitizing documents, photographs, audio, and video.  We make sure every page, photo, pitch, and frame is perfectly reproduced according to the highest standards.

Confidential documents need to be handled carefully.  We have years of experience scanning and digitizing sensitive legal and medical documents and can deliver files in a secure encrypted format over the cloud, or on a password-protected hard drive for absolute security.  Document destruction is available as well.

Fragile, one-of-a-kind media is irreplaceable, and damage is unacceptable.  Entrusting your media to anyone else can be stressful.  Archive Digital Advantage will handle your antique documents, delicate film, and other sensitive media with the utmost care, using archival storage and handling methods so you can relax and be confident in the condition of your project.

Canva - Grayscale Photo of Old Pictures.
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