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Audio & Video

Video tall


Weddings, birthdays, vacations, and other special events. Your memories may last a lifetime, but your VHS tapes have an expiration date.  We can convert video from an analog format to a digital one.  Keep your personal videos safe, organized, and available at a moment’s notice from your desktop.

8mm/ Super 8 reels:

Homemade movies don’t need to stay at home.  We can convert 8mm and super8 reels frame-by-frame to a digital video format that you can watch anytime, without a specialty projector, and share with friends and family.

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8mm cassette.jpg

Hi8/Digital8/Mini DV/Video 8:

You didn’t spend all that time recording on your hand-held camcorder to let your home video tapes fester on a shelf somewhere.  Bring us your cassettes and let us put your footage back in your hands.


Music lovers, do you love the sound of your vintage media but wish you could listen to it anywhere?  Is your prized music saved on cassettes and vinyl albums that you can only listen to at home?  We can convert audio cassette tapes and vinyl records, (33, 45 & 78 RPM) to a number of digital formats using high-quality recording equipment.

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